It could be a strategy to be on the right track of fame and engagement, furious careless management and leaking. A vast number of Nigerian celebrities have experienced the worst phase of their privacy in the last decade.

Since the entertainment forum became the centre of attraction in Nigeria, fame had been extremely complicated to handle by some of the Nigerian top stars following how the public had centred their attention on them.

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The popular quote that states “No one is perfect” had impacted a certainty in the lives of most of the Nigerian celebrities who had their inmate activities leaked to the public.

The awful view of the misfortune had even gone miles via the sentiments of its victims and haunted them to an extent that they adapted optical to the nature of the pain and embarrassment it deploys.

Most of the victims of this anxiety in line with the chagrin, lost whopping endorsement deals moment after the footage went viral.

Some of them however didn’t engage any feminine or male but publicised their unclad saga. We would outline and discuss Nigerian stars whose séx tapes were leaked online.

You’d Love These Nigerian Stars But You Probably Don’t Know Their Séx Tapes Are On The Internet.

Tiwa Savage

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Afrobeat singer, Tiwa Savage

The British-Nigerian singer and songwriter, who is popularly known as Tiwa Savage despite her highly profiled image were wrecked by a blackmailer who leaked her inmate footage with her partner.

The situation spanked and got heated the last couple of months when the singer in her interview section with a popular radio station revealed that a blackmailer has threatened to leak her sexual inmate footage if she doesn’t meet demands.

The “My Darling” crooner however revealed that she hesitated not with declining his demand and alerted Nigerians to be aware of her incoming footage.

Days after the interview went viral, her Blackmailer leaked the footage. It immediately engulfed the internet space and was streamed heavily by Nigerians.

In the video, she was seen enjoying the great feeling deployed in her by her mystery lover during their vacation on a yacht. Her face showed off and convinced Nigerians that it was their favourite singer, Tiwa Savage.

Several sources after the saga seem to have quenched alleged that the blackmailer got the video from Tiwa Savage’s fiance who mistakenly leaked the footage on his Snapchat handle. He did delete it but was unfortunate for the blackmailer downloaded it. The séx tape still trends as concerned citizens stream it. Tiwa Savage also lost massive endorsement deals weeks after the saga.


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Afrobeat Singer, Oxlade

Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman who is popularly known by his stage name, Oxlade also fell into this category after his séx tape was leaked by an unknown source.

The Nigerian singer who is known famously for his incredible vocal fidgeted the space of social media with his effect in the last couple of months after his séx tape was leaked online.

Multiple sources however reported that the singer mistakenly leaked his séx tape via Snapchat. Nigerians heavily streamed it and it went viral.

In the footage, the sensational singer was seen professionally enjoying the beauty of his victim who was left begging him for more.

Nigerians also dug out the identity of the young lady lashed so hard by Oxlade and heavily streamed her image too. She lost her relationship and was allegedly disowned by her parents.

After the saga seem to have quenched, Oxlade offered his public apology and compensated the young lady for his damages.


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